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Can Am Spyder Windshield Cleaner and Polish
Product ID canwcleaner
Can Am Spyder Windshield Cleaner and Polish.
Cleans, polishes and leaves a protective coating for light surface cleaning.  Anti-Fog and Anti-Satatic.  Helps in the removel of surface scratches on your windshield and helmets.  7 ox. Click On Picture To Enlarge.
List Price: $14.80
Price: $10.25
Original Cleaner Polish
Product ID 12345
Original Cleaner Polish. Spray Cleaner Polish. This is the original Spray cleaner polish that Honda just stopped selling. No motorcycle polish has earned as much credit for being the " best product " on the market. : Superior "Roadside Detailer" : Cleans road grime, grease and bugs without water. : Quickly Clean, Polish and Protect the paint and chrome on your Bike. : Spray Cleaner Polish is the ultimate " Detailer In A Can " Polish on a "Show Room Shine In Minutes "

Click On Picture To Enlarge.
List Price: $10.95
Price: $8.95
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