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Can Am Spyder Highway Peg Mount Set
Product ID cv040
Can Am Spyder Highway Peg Mount Set

Increased comfort for Spyder riders. It’s no secret that the Spyder has a very sport bike type seating and peg position which is not the most comfortable on long rides. Our highway peg mount set gives you a chance to stretch out and relax on the highway by moving your feet 12” - 16” forward from the foot pegs. The pivoting arms bolt directly to the frame's engine mounting bolts and offer a 4” range of motion forward until touching the bodywork. We laser cut the steel base plates, mandrel bend the tubular arms, TIG weld them by hand for strong rigid mounting and perfect fit, then finish them in satin black powder coat. They work with all our pegs and any others using 3/8” mounting bolts. The set bolts on easily without any modification, and fit with or without our Heal Toe shifter and floorboards. Pegs and adapters sold separately. Fits: 2008-2012 RS Models Only.
Free Shipping.

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Price: $189.95
Can Am Spyder ISO-Wing Pegs
Product ID kurisopegs
Kuryakyn. For your Can Am Spyder. ISO-Wing Pegs without Adapters. Motorcycle specific Peg Adapters required.

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List Price: $93.99
Price: $84.59
Can Am Spyder K&N Air Filter
Product ID kn990
Can Am Spyder K&N Air Filter
BRP came up with was the three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder. The Spyder was designed to allow rookie, as well as veteran riders, to enjoy the motorcycling experience without worrying about balancing on two wheels.

Powered by a Rotax 990 V-twin engine, the Can-Am Spyder makes ample power and can hold its own through a turn. K&N has released a new washable/reusable High-Flow Air Filter™ to help Spyder owners increase performance in a matter of minutes.

This high-flow replacement air filter is washable/reusable, pre-oiled and ready to ride. Part K&N will drop into your factory air box in a matter of minutes and only needs to be cleaned every 50,000 miles under normal highway driving conditions. K&N is specifically designed to fit 2008 to 2013 Can-Am Spyder Roadster models with a 990cc engine.

K&N high-flow replacement air filters are performance designed to provide increased airflow, resulting in increased horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. Fuel management modifications to your Spyder are not necessary to obtain increased performance.

Covered by the famous
K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®, and made in the USA, K&N will be the last air filter your Spyder will ever need.
Fits all years except the 2014 models

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List Price: $58.95
Price: $55.59
Can Am Spyder K&N Air Filter Care Kit
Product ID knchargekit
Can Am Spyder K&N Air Filter Care Kit 
K&N Filter Care Kit
Service your filter. Your bike will run better & your engine will last longer. All Küryakyn air cleaners use K&N filters. With proper maintenance, these filters will last many years. Click On Picture To Enlarge
List Price: $14.99
Price: $12.99
Can Am Spyder Key Cover
Product ID 41182
Can Am Spyder Key Cover With Hole

This decorative key cover adds the missing key hole to your Can-Am Spyder Key. The unique two piece design snaps over the Spyder Key giving you a mounting hole for a keychain or key ring. Comes with a wire barrel lock key ring to add additional keys to. The simple yet stylish design compliments the Can-Am Spyder Key making this accessory blend in without interfering with the embedded chip. Sold individually with barrel lock.

SPYDER KEY COVER WITH HOLE, 2 Piece Case Snaps Over Key, For Can-Am Spyder with , Barrel Lock Key Ring
Fits: All Years and Models
List Price: $12.95
Price: $10.95
Can Am Spyder L E D Driving Lights
Can Am Spyder L E D Driving Lights.

These Super Bright Street Magic® Genesis™ Series LED powered driving lights also add a remarkable amount of additional day & night time illumination, further increasing your overall safety. 
The 48 Genesis™ Series Super Bright LEDs in each unit are combined with a tough black housing that is a perfect match for your Can Am Spyder. 
Day Runner Pucks are 100% plug and play and come with all connectors and a waterproof switch so that you can turn Day Runner Pucks on or off as you desire.
Day Runner Pucks™ come complete with everything needed for a Quick, Convenient, Safe and
Secure™ installation requiring no tools whatsoever

The sleek design and mounting location of Day Runner Pucks™ makes them look like a factory installed driving light.
So, add some real visibility and safety to your Spyder with Day Runner Pucks™and Be safe, Be Seen™ out there on the road.Fits:2008-2016 RS, 2008-2016 RS-S, 2013-2015 ST, 2013-2016 St-S, 2013-2015 ST-Limited.
Lifetime Warranty Against LED Failure.

Click On Picture To Enlarge And for More Details, Pictures.
Price: $149.95
Can Am Spyder LED Front Marker Lights
Product ID BrightsideA
Can Am Spyder LED Front Marker Lights. Amber BRIGHTSIDES™ replace the non-functioning side marker reflector on your '08-'16 RS, 2008-2012 RS-S Models or 2010-2016 RT 2010 to 2012 RTS 2013 to 2015 ST series Spyder with a full function LED running light. Each Amber BRIGHTSIDES™ feature 12 Super Bright Genesis™ Series LEDs for unmatched performance and years of reliable service. Combine BRIGHTSIDES with the Fender TIPS Kit and BRIGHTSIDES also become a turn signal as well as running light Amber BRIGHTSIDES™ are direct fitment replacement for your Spyder’s side marker reflector, and can be installed in just minutes without any special skills or tools required. Amber BRIGHTSIDES™ come complete with everything needed for a Quick , Convenient, Safe and Secure™ installation So increase you chances of being seen, and decrease you chances of being hit broadside, with Street Magic® BRIGHTSIDES™. Lifetime Warranty Against LED Failure.

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List Price: $129.95
Price: $89.95
Can Am Spyder LED Front Mud Flap Replacement Kit
Can Am Spyder LED Front Mud Flap Replacement Kit. SPY-FMFL Replace your stock non-illuminating front mud flap reflectors with these super-bright Street Magic® Genesis™ LEDs. This kit features everything needed to upgrade both sides with replacement LED lights that function as additional rear running lights. When installed in conjunction with our Fender TIPS Kit (sold separately), they also function as turn-signals. They install quickly & easily, allowing you to upgrade your Spyder with minimum effort. Each light features 28 Street Magic® Genesis™ Series LEDs, assuring you will Be Safe and Be Seen™. Fits: 2008-2015 RS, 2010-2016 RT, 2013-2016 ST Models. Free Shipping.  Click On Picture To Enlarge
Install Intructions
Price: $139.95
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