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Can Am Spyder Battery
High performance maintenance-free batteries have absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology and provide you with greater cranking power with 12 extra plates per battery over your standard VRLA MF battery. Yuasa's advanced VRLA high performance maintenance-free batteries are the prefect fit for  your Spyder who have better things to do than battery maintenance. These permanently sealed VRLA high performance MF batteries never need refilling and are ideal for  your Can Am Spyder. Yuasa VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) high performance maintenance-free batteries feature a spill-proof design, which means that there is virtually no possibility of leaks. These batteries feature advanced lead-calcium technology that pumps up starting power. VRLA batteries also hold voltage longer and need less charging in standby or storage modes. This means that there will be much longer periods between charges when the batteries are used in a standby mode, like during winter storage. Fits All Can Am Spyder RS RSS RT RTS and ST models.
 3 year replacement Warranty.
List Price: $142.95
Price: $118.00
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Can Am Spyder. Battery TenderŪ Junior 2600-450KK


Can Am Spyder. Battery Tender® Junior 2600-450KK 12 Volt Battery Tender® Junior's lightweight, compact size makes it ideal for those hard-tofit spots. The trickle charger with a brain will assure batteries are maintained after charging and always ready to go!
Price: $39.95
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Can Am Spyder. Battery TenderŪ Plus 2600-040KK


Can Am Spyder. Battery Tender® Plus 2600-040KK The Battery Tender® Plus is a 1.25 amp battery charger that automatically switches from full charge to a floating charge mode, and then monitors the battery. You can leave your Battery Tender connected to your 12V battery for an unlimited amount of time with absolutely no fear of boiling or overcharging the battery. Just plug it in and forget it. 12 volt.
Price: $64.95
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